Saturday, 29 August 2015

september starter pack // new month magic

Pals, the time is now, the time is here. We've got a single day left of August and it's time to get GEARED UP for the 9th month of the year. Don't have your shit together? Brilliant, neither do I. The collation of a mixed bag of inspiration, across mediums seems to be a relatively effective call for shit togetherness. I always think, for me at least, that it's fun to establish some kind of mood at the beginning of a month, because consistency can be a saviour when things get a lil'...rough. LET'S GO.


Last night I went to see The Preatures and then did the classic thing you do after you seen a band that you didn't know anything about before seeing - which is too watch they're interviews, download their big singles...etc. They're super impressive and the lead singer is especially so. She's musically super talented, has fantastic energy, lots of good things to say about feminism, a killer vibe...what's new. 

Look at that blonde girl !! And her denim !! Look at those clean Swedish lines, that crisp weather! We're coming into Spring in Sydney and with every fibre of my being I'm going to channel this Northern European freshness.  

I walked around the botanical gardens today and there was something really fresh and invigorating about it. We're coming into spring and without being too much of a flaccid dick about fussy things like flowers..........I really fucking love flowers. I'm gonna keep that in mind this month. 

((( Here's the credit for the yellow flower painting // KATAYAMA Nampu(堅山南風 Japanese, 1887-1980)Chrysanthemum  黄菊 Woodblock Print)))


This is my absolute favourite Kali Urchis song and I was so pumped when the video came out! It looks so good, it's dreamy and hazey and soft and cloudy in all the best ways. Reminds me of LA. 


THREE REASONS why the Royal Tenenbaums is worth watching... a really well put together video.


I've been listening to 3 albums on repeat over the last few days and I plan to continue that through the next month. 




I'm so going to try to listen to the EP's of the Creases, Joy's EP - Ode and The New Jungle Giants album - Speakerzoid...there's something therapeutic in the consistency of listening to an entire album/EP. 

Goals include reading more, flossing everyday and above all detaching from my phone. I don't want everyday to be enslavement day. 

POSTS ON THEIR WAY DIRECT TO YOU THIS MONTH // study bug, fancy BISH, i was problematic too, outfits, playlists and more! stay tuned !! 

Cheers to a good September, see you soon, 
Bella x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

what we have become // a playlist

This is a bit of a reflective/nostalgic playlist. Venus is in retrograde and everything's feeling a bit woah lately. Enjoy kidz. 
Bella xx 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

let's get cosy // notes on home and ritual

I spend a fair bit of time not in my home, you know,  out and about. I can't say I don't enjoy it, I love being out and I love being with people. All that considered, there's always gotta be some recovery time. I get a little out of depth if I don't spend enough time doing things at home and being cosy and allowing yourself to be you in your own context. 

Obviously I'm not any kind of authority on this... but I've been thinking a lot about growth and development as a person. I think while change and getting out of your comfort zone plays a large part in growth, there's a certain need for a constant; for rituals, for repetition, for familiarity and for warmth. 

This whole kind of can of worms was opened earlier this week. I spent the week doing work experience at an online magazine (twas' fucking sick, if you were wondering, loved every moment) and I was transcribing this interview when it all began. There was this really heart-warming, melt-in-your-bloody-mouth, rosy cheeked nostalgic kind of imagery of this women talking about her French mother and all the beauty rituals she did. 

And here I was imagining this apartment on the top floor of an old building in Paris, soft light spilling out the windows and a women in the bath, scrubbing herself with sugar scrub and playing French music and eating high quality chocolate. This is cliche dense shit, la belle vie and all that jazz but let's not pretend there's not some merit in ritual and home. 

I guess for me...home is my room, because I'm young and I still like with my rents (shout out for letting me crash). And ritual is writing lists, sitting on my desk, lighting candles. Ritual is baths, ritual is yoga, ritual is eating chocolate in the bath (not just a shitty french clique, genuine good shit) ritual is the daily practice of things that make you feel good. 

Home is blankets. Home is sensory, home is vibes, home is a rush of warm feelings. If we're talking about staying sane, which is probably (definitely) somewhat important - I'd say that means something

Much love, 
Bella xx

Sunday, 2 August 2015

candy air // some tunes by yours truly

I haven't talked about this much but I actually sing in a band called Candy Air. We've released some tunes on our Soundcloud today and I'd love for you to check them out.

Much love,

Saturday, 1 August 2015

late night words // nostalgia

It's quite late at night and I've been going through old photos and thinking about nostalgia. I'm not too sure what I'm going to write or even if this post will stay up. I guess what we're examining here is concentrated change over a relatively short period of time and also how effortlessly we can romanticise the past. 

It's relatively easy to loose sight of yourself. But maybe it isn't. Maybe we can change, in small ways, and we, as people can become uncomfortable with that change and overreact  People can't really change, fundamentally...can they? 

OR as a contradictory theory, maybe we get too caught up in boring situational stuff and forget about ourselves. Perhaps there's a particular type of self-awareness that comes only with balance, the kind of balance that seems to get harder and harder to achieve as you interact more with people and get more caught up in everything that happens to you.  

AND THEN, if you do decide to think about the past where does that leave you? Because the bloody 'grass is greener' mentality has got to play some kind of part in thinking about the past, and once you take into account being younger and layer of naivety being stripped back...what are we left with? 

And if you're life changes in a way that feels very quick, the entire feel of your life can change in a way that feels very quick. And when sensory layers of your life feel different, you, yes you, in your entirety, feel different.  

Like very specific details of your childhood seem to have a vibe so different to the current one you are living in this very moment, sometimes you can hardly believe it's the same life and your the same person. 

I have a whole stack of memories sitting in some musty draw in the back closet of my psyche. If we looked at 2004/5, I think we'd find memories of Golden Gaytimes and that game where you tie your foot to the foot of someone else and weird snippets of Italian songs like 'Time to Say Goodbye.' And the newer, less musty draws seem dull in comparison, even though the wealth of experience is growing. 

Any little things that make you think of the past, 
Bella xo 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Friday, 17 July 2015

moodboard 17/7

Guess what! Not only did I redesign this lil' blog...your favourite kid went blonde!

AND I thought I'd share a few lil' things inspiring me lately! 


And the ultimate...

Much love, 
Bella xx