Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Let's Talk About...Body Love

Image by Hana Haley
Sitting on the fence, I hate it. It's much easier to talk about something when you're whole heartedly and completely with it. This fence is prickly and the garden parties on either side look like so much fun. I just don't know which one I should jump into. I should probably mention, what I'm talking about is the fat love movement, an issue where I most definitely sit on the fence. Because as much as I think body acceptance is incredibly important, I don't look at rising obesity statistics and smile.

Fat shaming can't be the solution. Skinny shaming isn't the way to go. But fat love? Really? I guess, on a number of levels I think what women in the movement do is really important. In a world where thousands upon thousands of women (and men) are having a genuinely shitty time because of self esteem that seems to be deep under the ocean with no hope of rescue, I think accepting and loving ones' body is a genuine good thing. I would never endorse the idea that we should all be a size 8 and look like Miranda Kerr because genetics simply doesn't allow for that kind of boring, lack of body diversity.

But at the same time, why on earth should we go about romanticising obesity? Why should we tie bells and ribbons to a very genuine health epidemic? Should we dance and sing when we're told by a doctor that we're not looking after our body. I don't know, dears, it doesn't exactly seem like the best outcome.

The idea behind the movement is genius and wonderful and brilliant. Self love, something I'm a little scared of in fear of coming across as cocky. Also something that is important. As I see it, part of self love would be celebrating ones body. But the other half would be looking after it. Part of self love, is nourishment. Part of self love is saying to yourself, I care enough about myself to stop myself from being part of a growing health epidemic because I'm not looking after myself. Part of self love is pulling yourself out of a period where your living off cake and watching Sex and the City reruns. Because it might be fun for the first few days but by the 20th day it might be time for some greens.

So join me on the fence. I'll start my own party on this odd line between fatism and fat love. Here's a place where we celebrate the diversity of bodies and the important of health. I'm whole heartedly and completely here, even if it's prickly.

Bella x

PS. if you do fine yourself with self esteem deep under the ocean. Gala's site is a wonderful place to start feeling good about yourself!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Currently 08 // WHAT WHAT WHAT

Hello, cabbages, I'm Isabella, I haven't posted for a week and I am in a bloody fantastic mood. 
(Top: Topshop, Skirt: Gorman, Shoes: Funkis)

I went to FASHION WEEK, earlier this week and goodness me it was great. It was exciting and thrilling and inspiring and I marvelled at the skill of people. People never fail to impress, sometimes they never fail to depress but overall their true strength lies in blowing you away too. I wore the outfit you can see above and below you can see a shot of the actual show.

The skirt you can see above. MORE SWEATERS. Winter is coming and I am excited for sitting on the bus with a warm mug and a cosy cardigan and smiling at the angry Sydneysiders who can't handle cold weather. Oh that's a total segway for me to mention the fact that yesterday I got kicked off the bus by this total dick of a bus driver because I forgot my ticket, despite the fact that students travel free.AND I was in my school uniform which means he really is meant to let me travel even if I haven't got my ticket. He glared and shouted and great self restraint was taken not to slap him in the face (not really) (I'm not that bad). 

Sherlock. Ahhh, it's so wonderful. Also, who's excited for The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's out here in Australia and I am so ready to see it (would anyone be interested in a review?) 

 Ever increasing amounts of tea and cake. 

Looking forward to 
I'm going to Hong Kong next week (eeeep!). Any recommendations? 

Listening to 
This playlist. 

Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald. I like it. I am very much ready to be transported back to the idealistic world of the 20's. 

Nice day? 
Bella x 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Creative Bits and Bobs 02 // 7 Days, 7 Thoughts, 7 Images

1 // 
 Really, I like seeing people going about their lives in the morning. Early coffees, headphones in, world blocked out. I even like riding through Kings Cross where a large mob of people who look like they might just punch you in the face hop on my bus. I think I just like the reminder that we are all living diverse, complex lives and it's all happening at the same time.

2 //
Sometimes I have trouble dealing with the authenticity of my thoughts, sometimes I feel as if they're artificial. As if I'm mimicking a character. I think it comes from a deep seated fear of being shallow, followed by the inevitable acceptance of the fact that I am completely and utterly shallow. Then comes anger at myself for daring to think about the smell of my skin, or the colour of my jeans when there is so much more to see. 

3 // 
Ungratefulness. I hate it. We live in such luxury. I can't even begin to imagine the extent to which this bubble we live in goes. And yet we toss it aside, painfully and carelessly with phrases like 'I'm tired.' These complaints are drenched in hypocrisy. I think that makes it worse. 

4 // 

Lack of sleep is easy to romanticise. It is easy to compare dark circles to sunken hearts, unwashed faces to broken souls. But that's ridiculous. There's nothing artsy about not giving your body what it needs. Go to bed. 

5 // 
Daft Punk is perfect morning music. My head can become a 70's party and I will happily oblige. In my head, everyone I know is decked out in 70's gear and dancing. It's kind of painful and kind of wonderful. 

6 // 

This is my favourite area. Enveloped in trees, high on cafe culture, omitting a buzz, which makes everyone tingle. 

7 // 
When it all gets too much I go for a walk. Because you never know; you might be given free crisps or run into that guy or find a new street or see a cat sitting in the window of antique shop. I like it here...don't you?

Bella x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Note To Self // A Pick Me Up for Shitty, Unmotivated Days

You need to decide what kind of person you want to be. You can be a B grade person. You can fritter your life away on your phone. You can get nothing done. You can get four hours of sleep. You can stop looking after your body and start living off cookie dough. 

Then you can go and romanticise it. My generation romanticises the fuck out of sleep deprivation and laziness and procrastination. Are you more poetic if you're not sleeping and you haven't handed an assignment for the last year?

And what happened to the golden girl? What happened to highlighted lists? What happened to looking after yourself? What about being an A grade person? 

You can be that girl. You can do whatever you want. You can bake 7 cakes and then write a novel and then a symphony and then go help your friend when her car breaks down and get back in time to have a cup of tea and read a book. I feel like we often find ourselves, sub-consciously waiting for someone else to save us, to hand us happiness. You carry your happiness and your success in your own hands. 

So, my dear, pick yourself up. Smile at your reflection, write a list, make a killer breakfast. Life can't be fixed with cupcakes but I think it's the little things that pull you out of sluggy periods. 

Bella x

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let's Talk About...Super Rad Powerful Strong Women

I was winning in the post consistency game but it seems that when the assessments pile up and you start playing the harp and things suddenly seem very busy it can be hard to post every second day. But don't worry lovelies this isn't a permanent thing. Regular posting starts again right now.

Women are super rad in general but some women manage to ramp up the radness to degrees that are not only incredible but absolutely inspiring. So, that is what's only today's agenda, mes petit choux, women that make your heat beat fast and your head explode.

A testament to Tavi seems lonnnnngggg overdue. If you were to place the individual that first inspired me to start blogging it would be her. She set up her first blog 'The Style Rookie' in 2008 (she was 11!) and soon enough she found herself front row at New York Fashion Week. The wonderwoman now writes a mega online magazine called Rookie, which is a huge online presence. She is also a feminist, singer, actress, master of TEDx talks and the like and has a wonderful, incredibly unique journalistic style. She also wrote a huge get well card for our next fabulous chick, which leads me to......

Malala got fucking shot in the face. That's not something I'm going to romanticise or idolise or make poetic, she got shot. She got shot for doing something that took immense courage, standing up to the Taliban. I'm reading Malala's wonderful book at the moment and it is becoming crystal clear just how brutal and terrifying the Taliban's presence was/is in Malala's home - Swat Valley. Courage seems too mild an adjective to describe the a person who stands up for her rights to an education. Stands up to the people that throw acid on girls faces or shoot them just for dancing. Malala is A GODDESS. She is the kind of person we should label a goddess. Smart, courageous, selfless, interesting. You can donate to the Malala Fund for girls education here.

Lena Dunham created one of the most real, creative, well-written, funny shows on tv - Girls. She manages to have that essence of 'keeping it real' which is I guess the most well known characteristic of her show 'Girls' but I don't think that should take away from the fact that what she's art. It's not just a reality check, it's a brilliant show.

Frida Kahlo is becoming 'a thing' on Tumblr, SHE IS GETTING THE RECOGNITION SHE DESERVES. Why does she deserve it? Well, she battled polio as a child, and turned that pain into art. She defied beauty norms by not only choosing to not remove her unibrow of upper lip hair but to defining it. Her art dealt directly with issues in the society at that time, like gender inequality and a more sexual side of women. She was also a feminist and an advocate for equality. Yay Frida! 

So there it is, a run through the women I look up to. Who are your inspirations?
Bella x

PS. all the photos were edited by yours truly

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lose Yourself To Dance // A Playlist

This is a playlist. It's for dancing and then dancing and then dancing some more. You can also find it here. Enjoy! 
Bella x

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Currently 07 // Listography

My life is organised in lists....and this is no exception. 

· I Am Malala 
· Talk about eye opening 
· Also Persepolis.
· I reccomend it. 
· The film is pretty wonderful too. 
· Miss Vogue - brilliant, very underated magazine

Listening to 
· Haim 
· 'Don't Save Me' is particularly good. 
· Lanie Lane is also really doing it for me of late. 

· writers block x 8796675
· guilty for having superficial thoughts 
· inspired 
· up and down 

· Scandal is back! 
· It's all white clothing, red wine and THRILL 
· Girls is continually on point. 
· Parks and Recreation is the smartest, most hilarious thing. 
Quick thought to end the post - my school went on an excursion to a French film and lunch (photo above) on Friday and it really left me thinking about the current education system. School is about learning, it's about preparation for life after the clock strikes your eighteeth birthday and even though your parents are still paying your phone bill, you're magically an adult! Yet, we spend so much of our school lives locked up in classrooms. Don't you think we'd learn more about the big wide world if we got out into it between the hours of 8:30 and 3? Isn't learning about exposure? Wouldn't we be more well rounded people if we got out more: watched foreign films, went to museums, observed culture? Not to mention school might even be able to fit under the label - 'fun.' Just a thought...

Bella x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Let's Talk About...Climate Change

from here
Can I tell you about the last time I felt scared, like really, genuinely, shivers down your spine scared. I was in a music hall, surrounded by about a hundred people, none of whom were carrying knifes or looking remotely threatening. On stage in front of my was Tim Flannery, and it wasn't him that made me feel scared, it was his words. Words that won't constructed to terrify but definitely did because what they held was raw truth - thing's are a changin' and not in the good way. 

Global surface average temperature is expected to rise between 0.64°C and 0.69°C by 2030. And yeah I can almost feel you rolling your eyes at me now. Your thinking to yourself 'right yeah, less than a degree of heat that's going to change everything, isn't it Bella?' Well....yeah, it kind of absolutely is. This is a much greater climate change then the one that has occurred over the last 10 000 years. And the ecosystems, the buildings, the way agriculture works, much of our society, not to mention the climate itself has been built very much on a stable climate. Things can't go in the way they do today in a new unstable climate, that is already starting to change. 

I'm not going to go to much into the Science of it all because Science isn't really my strong point but I'll do a brief overview. The most important human influence in heating up the earth is burning coal. The greenhouse gases created by this burning have accumulated in the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the amount of gas increasing as we continue to burn coal. These gases are trapping more heat within the Earth’s atmosphere, which builds up throughout the lower atmosphere, at the Earth’s surface and within the oceans. 

The effects of this heat will be colossal. Increased extreme weather is a particularly scary one because I cannot remember the last time I was in the mood for a tsunami or a hurricane, can you? Not to mention the risks to agriculture. Are you ready to wave goodbye to coffee, as it's beans face threats due to temperature changes and a deadly fungus charged by... you guessed it....climate change. 

There's a little thing I've noticed. In general, we trust scientists. Of course we do - they're smart, they have shiny degrees, they test things over and over again, they've been instrumental in building the modern world. But when things get scary, we go into this fun little thing called denial, which is why we have groups upon groups of climate change unbelievers. Yep, I'm talking about your friends dad, you grumpy old uncle and maybe I'm even talking about you. 'Climate change can't exist, it was cold today,' they say (BULLSHIT). 'We've always had extreme weather,' they say (BULLSHIT). Well, to them I say no, it is undisputed in the scientific community. I say the evidence is overwhelming. And I say, as scary as climate change is denial isn't going to help. 

I spend a little too much time thinking about the future. Fantasising about an apartment filled with plants, buying an organic coffee on the way to work, making brownies on the weekends. Little things really, the things I envisage for my future. But when it became clear that climate change means I will have to cut segments out of  the future, that it means I have to reevaluate because things aren't going to be like they are now. That's when things got scary.

It can be hard to sit down at the table with climate change and relate to it. Because it's not talked about enough, and when it is, it's talked about in a way that is sterile, monotonous. Painted as a political issue, instead of the huge issue that will affect not only Australia, not only small groups but everyone. And the most frightening thing? It's happening right now. It needs to be dealt with right now because, without sounding like I'm in a sappy action movie, it will reach a point where we won't be able to turn back. Unless of course, we do something. Is this a call to big organisations, to governments? Absolutely.

Bella x 

Note: all of my facts in this post are researched from this website, which used to be  connected to the Australian government, meaning it is 100% credible but was abolished by the current government (because apparently a climate change concerned committee was too taxing to the budget)