Sunday, 2 August 2015

candy air // some tunes by yours truly

I haven't talked about this much but I actually sing in a band called Candy Air. We've released some tunes on our Soundcloud today and I'd love for you to check them out.

Much love,

Saturday, 1 August 2015

late night words // nostalgia

It's quite late at night and I've been going through old photos and thinking about nostalgia. I'm not too sure what I'm going to write or even if this post will stay up. I guess what we're examining here is concentrated change over a relatively short period of time and also how effortlessly we can romanticise the past. 

It's relatively easy to loose sight of yourself. But maybe it isn't. Maybe we can change, in small ways, and we, as people can become uncomfortable with that change and overreact  People can't really change, fundamentally...can they? 

OR as a contradictory theory, maybe we get too caught up in boring situational stuff and forget about ourselves. Perhaps there's a particular type of self-awareness that comes only with balance, the kind of balance that seems to get harder and harder to achieve as you interact more with people and get more caught up in everything that happens to you.  

AND THEN, if you do decide to think about the past where does that leave you? Because the bloody 'grass is greener' mentality has got to play some kind of part in thinking about the past, and once you take into account being younger and layer of naivety being stripped back...what are we left with? 

And if you're life changes in a way that feels very quick, the entire feel of your life can change in a way that feels very quick. And when sensory layers of your life feel different, you, yes you, in your entirety, feel different.  

Like very specific details of your childhood seem to have a vibe so different to the current one you are living in this very moment, sometimes you can hardly believe it's the same life and your the same person. 

I have a whole stack of memories sitting in some musty draw in the back closet of my psyche. If we looked at 2004/5, I think we'd find memories of Golden Gaytimes and that game where you tie your foot to the foot of someone else and weird snippets of Italian songs like 'Time to Say Goodbye.' And the newer, less musty draws seem dull in comparison, even though the wealth of experience is growing. 

Any little things that make you think of the past, 
Bella xo 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Friday, 17 July 2015

moodboard 17/7

Guess what! Not only did I redesign this lil' blog...your favourite kid went blonde!

AND I thought I'd share a few lil' things inspiring me lately! 


And the ultimate...

Much love, 
Bella xx

Sunday, 5 July 2015

COUNTRY BUMPKIN // bits & pieces from some time away

I’m a bit of a city bitch. Take note of: a love for inner city cafes, security in being surrounded by thousands of people and being disconcerted when I can’t walk to a train station. But even I can’t deny there’s a quiet charisma in the country. I spent the last week in a ‘cabin in the woods,’ of such and confession session: I loved it.

Now, when you’re a sheltered inner city hoe, being 10km outta the city centre feels intrepid. Clearly this is next level shit. We had to open 3 farm gates and almost ran over a possum to get to the house we were staying in.

But it’s all good stuff when you get there, once you figure out how to turn on the heating and use the fire and you turn off your phone and you start reading a book for the first time in forever. That’s a good one.

And it’s a good one when you wake up in your cute floral room and the sun in streaming in and you can see the mountains and the light is hitting the pond in jussstttt the right way.

And I fucking swear…the pies here are better. So are the scones. Not so much the coffee.

And when you do turn on your phone, you text your mates singing the praises of the country and insisting they all come up sometime, for some kind of idealised-Wes Anderson-chummy holiday in the hills.

I guess, in the churn of daily life: you can get a little too used to your own reality. You can lose your perspective; get caught up in petty shit. Maybe you were a bit of a dick about something? Maybe you weren’t enough of a dick about something? Maybe you spent too long looking at memes…whatever…shit happens.

It’s conceivable that when you’ve eaten a few veggie pies and you’ve ran around the house a few times and spotted a few kangaroos…not to forget the wombat you almost ran over; you cleanse yourself of some of the inevitable bullshit of everyday life.  Getting away is some good shit, 10/10 would recommend, Sincerely, Isabella branded gold star.

Onto the marginally more superficial stuff, I listened to some top quality tunes during my time away and made a little playlist!

I also read Super Sad Love Story by Gary Shteyngart, which I really loved. It was clever, the plot moved well and it was funny. I’d recommend it, and this is coming from the girl that used to be super into reading but has kinda gotten out of the habit and is making desperate attempts to get back into the habit.

This wild breed of cold city hoe (me) maybe isn’t quite as much of a city hoe as she once thought. And when she gets home she might even make scones and mushy peas and veggie pies and maybe even super milky coffee if she wants to truly stimulate the country experience.

Travelled recently?
Bella xo

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

send me a parcel // a wishlist

There's nothing quite like consumerism. I'm a sucker for it. It's easy to convince yourself that a fresh new scent or a cute black dress will elevate you to a divine, untouchably perfect being. The ultimate version of you. Sometimes you just have to give into it, I guess. And especially with smaller designers, the intersection of good design, creativity, art and consumerism - can be a pretty nice place to be. Here's a few of my current fave pieces and scents! 

1. Cheap Monday Low Spray Jeans Light Blue 
2. ASOS Midi Dress With PU Pleated Skirt And Funnel Shell Top/
3. The White Pepper Trapeze Dress

4. Gorman Navy Jigsaw Dress
5. Pretty On The Inside Top in Blush
6. Asos Sheer and Solid T-Shirt Dress

7. Smoothie Star Buttercream 
8. Jo Malone Vanilla & Star Anise Cologne
9. Jumbo Shea Body Butter

What products are you lusting over at the moment? 

Much love, 

Friday, 26 June 2015

end of june // a playlist

It's winter and it's holidays. I wake up to soft light, make a cup of tea and put on some's what I've been listening to 

Much love,