Monday, 18 August 2014

HOW TO: Television

I don't know if it's official or psychological or just plain incorrect but I am of the opinion we are in a golden age of television. I don't know this is probably something I made up. But what I do know is that I love TV. I love how it allows you to get invested in a set of characters for an extended period of time. I love the drama of it all. I love the culture that surrounds it, the OITNB tumblr hashtag is quite possibly the best place under the Sun.

How ya do it?
As with many things, my approach to TV is divided into two categories, both are equally fun. You be civilised about it, you can pull out the popcorn, sit on the couch with blankets and drink tea and go to bed at a ripe old time before 12. Or you can binge. You can pull an all nighter and drink coffee and struggle through the next day as you find yourself emotionally invested in an alternate reality.

Where do ya get the goods?
Piracy ain't fun. I'm not a fan. I know, I know. It's free, it's easy to access etc. etc. But it breaks my heart to think of people across the globe creating material, writing scripts, learning lines, gathering costumes who are having there work taken from them. Saying this probably makes me super lame, empathy must be for losers.
Netflix is a great pal in these trying times, as is iTunes. If you wanna hold on to you well-earned dollars, as I do, the library is a golden pot for DVD's of all kinds, in particular the best kind of crappy 80's sitcoms.

But Isabella, what on EARTH should I watch?
My current favourites are...
· Orange is The New Black 
· Scandal 
· Parks and Recreation 
· Girls 
· 21 Jump Street (the old Johnny Deep one)
· Sherlock 
· Bob's Burgers
· New Girl 
· Skins (UK) 
BONUS ONES (these are smaller UK miniseries) - The Runaway, The Hour & Burton and Taylor. 

Let me know what you're watching,
Bella xx 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Dear World 04 // Watch Out The World's Behind You

As I write this, I am fresh out of the bath and have just practically dunked myself in rose moisturiser. The monotony of Monday night seems to be a good enough excuse to make yourself smell like a garden. I have a piano exam tomorrow and after what seems like a decade of unmotivated slump, I am pulling my shit back together and reorganising my life again. Life around me seems to be at point of transition. There's a feeling of motion and I can't quite put my finger on why. 

'Sunday Morning' by the Velvet Underground is one of my favourite tunes at the moment and the entire aura of my Sunday seemed to be similar to that of the song. It was dreamy. I spent the day with my favourite girl, Georgia (seen above in her damn rad turtleneck). We had brunch like old ladies and then explored a wealth of vintage stores, thus renewing a love for Sydney I never quite knew I had. 

Speaking of The Velvet Underground, I just finished Patti Smith's 'Just Kids,' and I loved it. Not just because it took me back to a time and a place I want to be part of - 1960's & 70's New York with Andy Warhol and Lou Reed. The Book also held eternal truths about money, love, art and creativity. Seriously, go read it. 

'Just Kids' reminded me how much I don't want to become obsessed with money, with wealth. How much I don't want to feel the need to quantify success or happiness. How much I'd hate to end up a miserable old conservative women in a blazer and a huge house. 

Bella xx

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Today I do not have many words. I bought a fur coat, all part of my scheme to become Margot Tenembaum. My life at this very moment seems to be entirely a contradiction, all contrast and nothin' else. I seem to be on both sides or somewhere in the middle. The entirely positive bubble of tumblr positivity in contrast with the negative vibes of the outside world. Wanting to rid myself of materialism entirely but still finding comfort in superficial things. Wanting to do everything and anything but feeling flat and unmotivated. Contradicting myself as I develop, am exposed to new things, change. The Internet seems to be getting oddly more personal for me, it's strange the way I can open myself up to this incredibly public world. 

Bella x

Friday, 1 August 2014

HOW TO Be An Explorer

(sincerely, isabella x moonrise kingdom)
Suzie Bishop is an icon. Wanderlust eats us all up. The world is big and wonderful and you, yes you, are not seeing enough of it. Neither am I. In the final segment of this lil 'how to' series that has been dropping into the walls of Sincerely Isabella, I really wanted to write about the way I want to live...on a grander scale than drink more green tea or bake more often. I'm taking about the kind of lifestyle that has been adapted by Suzie Bishop and Patti Smith. I think you could call it an 'explorer' attitude to living.

·   Realise how much content we are surronded by. How much art, how much music, literature. It's crazy. I have slowly felt myself coming to this realisation over the last few weeks and thinking about it always seems to leave me daunted but incredibly inspired. There is so much to explore, to investigate. Cover your walls in 19th century painting of flowers and Beat Generation poems. Listen to underground punk tunes from the 70's. Eat the food they ate at the turn of the century. This life thing we're doing has been done by a fair few people before us, it's comforting to know that we can turn to the ways they sifted through it. History is your friend!

· Read more. The Internet is my favourite thing under the sun but the erratic nature of it crawls under my skin. I feel like being entirely immersed in one thing is something we're forgetting how to do. That's damn scary!

· Document all. Bring a pen with you everywhere, take a photo. Fill a notebook with conversations and thoughts. One minute your sitting alone in a cafe and the next minute you have just written the best short story of your life. DOCUMENTATION, FOLKS!

· Leave the house, catch the train to a station you've never visited, drive to a new place. The world is your oyster. 

· Wake up. Observe. 

· Embrace your insignificance. 

·Spend more time alone. Get used to yourself.

Bella xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

HOW TO Be A Hippie

(me + sydney harbour)

I am en route to Hippieland, I can feel it. My almond milk consumption is on the rise, same goes for kale and quinoa, I've been meditating more, I've even done a wee bit of yoga. And here's the weird thing - I feel really damn good about it. So in a kinda-sequel to last week's 'How To Be A Nanna,' I thought I'd throw together all the best things I'm aware of that can classify you as a hippie. 

· Realise the love for nature you didn't know you had. Get out into the soil, go to the beach, run in the park, sit in a field with a book and an iPod. 

· Wake up and stretch yo body. It feels good, muscles do get pretty damn tight. 

· Wake up before the rest of the world does. 

· Make a scrub of brown sugar and olive oil. Scrub yourself from head to toe. Is your body softer than it has ever been? You're very welcome. 

· Buy pants that fit into the category of 'they look like pyjama pants but it is still socially acceptable to wear them outside.' 

· Spend a week without something you usually have in your diet. Maybe sugar, maybe diary, maybe meat. Take notice of what changes you see in your body, how you feel, what different foods serve as an alternative to the stuff of the shittier side of things. 

· Remove toxic stuff. Toxic people, toxic things, toxic situations. Life is too damn short. 

· Keep a journal

· Essential oils are the bomb. 

· Baths. 

· Invest in creating atmospheres. Burn candles, oil, play mellow music. 

· Create rituals. 

There you have it, loves - what I consider to be the creme de la creme of Hippieland, at the other end of the spectrum, you'll find pure bullshit. We don't need to talk about that. 

How's your day been, I'm really interested. 
Bella xx

Saturday, 26 July 2014

HOW TO Be A Nanna

It is becoming ever more clear to me that the elderly are doing it right. Stale biscuits, floral print, post-world war optimism - I'm all for em'. In spite of the often conservative views and the slightly off putting mothball scent, I'm convinced we can learn a lot from the grey-haired folk among us. 

· Stock up on tea. Life can be confusing and shit, but somehow this mysterious infused liquid makes it considerably better.

·  Ditch your night out for a night IN, the sheer magnitude of nanna activities you can engage in is too vast for you to leave your apartment 

· Investigate jazz music, not only will this score you mega nanna points, it will also fill the room with mellow vibes 

· Start embroidering your clothes with cool words. I personally love 'down with the patriachy' and 'the whole system is wrong' but if your feeling like keeping the sweet music of a nanna lifestyle going you could go for something else fun like 'bake not hate.'  

· Stop being so idle.  Be more structured in the way you live your life. There is an extra degree of effort you can put into the way you do things. Nannas have it down pat. Taking time to make a cup of tea when you read. To write a list in the morning. To organise that brunch with your friends. 

· Read more. 

· Go to a classical music concert. Saying this is totally killing whatever punk rock vibes I ever had going for me. In fact this entire post has totally ruled me out from becoming the hard rock, leather jack wearing, black haired, piercings chick I secretly want to be. My life is a paradox between wanting to wear florals and write poems and wanting to wear only black and leather and be a heartbreaker. It's a real struggle, truly. Oh, ok back to classical music - we live in a world that doesn't slow down for anybody. Classical music, however slows everything down and suddenly you have time to reflect and you are stuck with your own thoughts and it's a little scary but a lot inspiring and surreal 

· Start being more polite and more caring and asking people how they're day is and buying the homeless man a coffee. Empathy is the best weapon against world shittiness, and again MEGA NANNA POINTS 

· Bake. Bake scones and then eat jam and cream with those scones and rejoice because YES, you have done it, you have found heaven on earth. Congrats 

· Invest in floral printed goods, china and teawear and nice perfume and lotion. 

· Stock up on chocolate dipped digestive biscuits. Apocalypse could strike any day now.

· Clean up. 7 days of take-out cartons ain't doing a thing for your home's aesthetics or your mental health. 

·  Dress up on a Monday night and go see a play. You can sleep in tomorrow. You're retired, right?

Go get your tea cosy on, my dear. 
Bella xx

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Birthday Reflections

My birthday was a few days ago. A year has passed and you can't help but re-evaluate. What's important? What's working? What's not? 

You think about the late nights when you binge watched Scandal and turned up at school with panda eyes and the wrong books. The days when you felt like you really had your shit together: sufficient sleep, a morning run, a green smoothie. 

You think about the sleepy, cuddly moments, the blissfully, euphoric ones, the times when the world closed in on you. New experiences are a total given...this is adolescence, right? Sometimes it's shiny and new, often it's just a slap in the face. I think they call that character building. 

You think about Frank Ocean and sun in your eyes. Wes Anderson and that green jacket. Too many lists, French films, frustration and an ever twitching desire to grow up, move out and prance around the world wearing a leather jacket and a blind sense of optimism. 

You realise how little you know about the world, how much privilege you live in, the things you have learnt and the many more things you have to learn. The sheer mass of everything that sucks, everything you don't understand is as frustrating as it is blinding. 

The list of things to do is still long, you still have to urge to grow up, you're still figuring it out.


Friday, 11 July 2014

Favourites 03 // Araina of Miss Tasmin

Araina is a vegan perfectionist from the itty bitty Australian island of Tasmania. She's an adventuring carpe-diemest with a love for socks and tea. Her whimsy is beautiful and her clear sense of wanderlust is something that I can definitely relate to. She reminds me of warm nights and good music. She blogs at over at Miss Tasmin.

+ Favourite tea?
I have a habit of gulping down copious amounts of one certain type of tea, then becoming sick of it and discovering a new-found love. This process repeats approximately every month or two. At this current point in my life I am loving Sleepytime Vanilla. Ahh, nothing like bringing out the inner 7-year-old and having my nightly tea to put me to sleep.

+ Favourite Sunday morning breakfast?
I'm such a sucker for porridge and/or a smoothie any morning of the week, but Sunday definitely requires me to up the ante and find every possible ingredient to be present in my breakfast creations. My current favourite porridge mixture consists of banana, medjool dates, coconut cream, goji berries, almond milk, cacao & maca powder, peanut butter, chia seeds & cinnamon.

+ Favourite time of day? 
Sunrise for sure. I'm definitely one of those people that glamorize the hell out of sunrises and sunsets, but there's something special about sunrises. I guess it comes down to the fact that a lot of the time it seems as though you're the only person in the world awake to witness that particular moment. The colours the sky turns is always so incredible and I can't help but feel that overwhelming sense of calmness and wonder at the beauty surrounding me.

+ Favourite spot in your city/town?
I love scouting out new and exciting places to adventure to around where I live. There's so many beautiful places just waiting for you to explore them if you open your eyes and look around. About a 5 minute drive from my house there's a beautiful river equipped with mini waterfalls and a swimming hole, as well as a couple different hiking trails. I've been known to walk there quite often and it's featured in my blog numerous times. There's also a really nice gorge right near the main town that's similarly beautiful.

+ Favourite place for finding inspiration?
I literally gather inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Tumblr of course is a frequent go-to, but increasingly Instagram gets my creative juices flowing and mind ticking over ideas. Also just the world surrounding me - nature will forever be the most beautiful thing possible.

+ Favourite bands for some winter evening tunes?
I'm one of those people with an embarrassingly messy taste in music, with my listenings ranging from sweet Bon Iver to screaming The Amity Affliction. They also change on almost a minute-to-minute basis. At this current moment, songs by Tigers Jaw, Keaton Henson, Little May, Blink 182 and Neck Deep have stolen my heart.

+ Favourite day of far? 
There are a few days in particular that spring to mind. It's kind of a tie between a day spent in Byron Bay on my recent holiday which involved swimming in the ocean and an overwhelming emotion sunset walk, and the other day when I spent a very long time sitting at a waterfall with a few good friends, then sitting at the beach at sunset. A good day for me usually always involves good company, nature and sunsets apparently.

+ Favourite verb?

+ Favourite life-affirming thing to do?
Spending time in nature will forever be my favourite life-affirming thing to do, as is probably evident by now through my nature-themed answers. There's something about it that I can never quite fully express in words, but always leaves me at total peace within myself.

+ Favourite this very moment? 
At this very current moment, I am drinking freshly made cucumber, celery, carrot and ginger juice, munching on dark vegan chocolate, listening to Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine and watching the sun go down, and this moment is my favourite thing. 

Do I spend too much time looking at Araina's instagram? Probably. Why? Because I like the way she really takes her life in her bare hands. I like the way she has a back to basics approach to living. I like the way she talks, as if she's just opened her eyes to the world. She's just an all round wonderful kinda gal, my lovelies. I pinky promise. Head on over to Miss Tasmin. 
Bella x

PS. This is the last 'Favourites' post! I hope you enjoyed the series!