Saturday, 31 January 2015

india talk

hotel antics
 I got back from India a week (ish?) ago and as I went back to school, fell into an overwhelmed, deflated slump that can only have resulted from a whole lotta perspective, the opening of my eyes and hours upon hours of car trips through gruelling poverty. 

Things of note in India: it's incredible, in it's architecture and it's history and it's colour. They well and truly know the meaning of entrepreneur. Every single day came with a display of humanity in the realest and purest sense. And of course, from my bias and sheltered Western view, the attitude towards woman shocked me. 

My top played thought in India was: 'where are all the woman???' On the streets, in the shops, at restaurants, at banks: there was an obvious disproportion between men and woman. But not only this, if you take into account high rates of child marriage and rape, you start to think that the life of an Indian woman might not be as dandy as your own. 

And then I started to think 'what can I do?' But positive, long-term change can't be external. People coming into a country and saying 'your doing everything wrong, you need to change,' has never worked (see: white colonialism,, imperialism, systematic oppression). Change needs to come from inside a country. And where does that leave me, where does that leave us?   

I'd love to know what you think but for now, here is a little bit of India eye candy. 

In other news: Ella wrote a wonderful back to school post, which is wonderful even for those who are not going back to school but in need of motivation and also another mate of mine, Owen, wrote a post on masculinity over a Body Positive Club and it's really worth a read! 

Lots and lots of love, 
Bella xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

goodnight sleepy head // before bed rituals

I'm currently in India (eep!), I'll tell you all about my travels when I get back! For now, this is a scheduled post. 

washing your hands and feet // writing in journal // peppermint tea // general stress over not being prepared for the next day // thinking about a solid breakfast // yoga // burning oil & candles // a good book // meditation // packing up the phone // quick room clean so you don't wake up to a hot mess // good vibes // cuddles // 

Much love, 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

B & W THOUGHTS // late night ramblings

I'm currently in India (eep!), I'll tell you all about my travels when I get back! For now, this is a scheduled post. 

Screencaps that would exist if my life was an independent film. 

Much love, 
Bella x

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

where you should be // body positive club

First up, Happy freaking New Year my friends! Can we please make a joint effort to make this year absolutely wonderful? We're all in this together. 

As an exciting New Year announcement I'm going to let you know that today is exciting as hell because it marks the launch of a new blog my friend, Bea and I have set up - Body Positive Club

We set up the blog because we were just so damn sick of all of our friends being miserable and feeling bad about themselves and we kinda just said, 'something can be done! we gotta change the attitude!' 

We really want Body Positive Club to be a community so we'd love nothing more than for you to get involved, maybe by putting our button on your own blog or by using the #bodypositivebackground hashtag or simply by having a peak at the site! 

Too much love, 
Bella x

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

thoughts on 2k15 // a game plan

I could write my solid new years resolutions here, the concrete timed goals. But let me tell you, they are boring as hell. SO as a fun alternative, I thought I'd share my 2k15 aesthetic, the girl I wanna be in 2k15 - Isabella 2.0. If I do all of these fun things, I'll be a crazy powerful woman and it will be a killer year, I'll keep you posted. CHEERS TO A WONDERFUL 2k15 full of yoga, green tea and quality creative work! 
Bella xx 

Friday, 26 December 2014

thoughts on 2k14 // a lil' reflection

Somewhere along the road of the past year, I lose my mojo. Perhaps it was June…maybe May, but I stopped feeling like myself, lost all motivation and it was shit. 

Conveniently, everyone seemed to lose…something around the same time. There was no shortage of empathy but equally, there was no clear way out. 

And then, perhaps a month ago, it pushed back. A flood of motivation and purpose - just in time for the new year. 

The best moments of the last year were the ones that felt the most real, and the ones that felt the least. Moments of sincerity like 3am chats over tea and interactions with strangers. And then vague moments almost of fantasy like Hong Kong and saying goodbye to familiarity 

I became really damn good at pulling things back together and staying up till’ 1 writing plans and to do lists in hopes and properly getting my shit together, and repeatedly learning that no one really does properly have their shit together. Which is kind of a relief. 

Now, I’m going to say the thing that I say too much and that is that everyday of this year, at least once, I was reminded how much I need to keep moving, how much I need to have 10000 projects in motion to feel like myself. Sometimes it seems that it’s only when I’m over my head that I’m enjoying myself. 

NOW, keeping with the year in review theme, I thought I'd round up some of my favourite posts on Sincerely, Isabella this year. 

+ Ambition // a manifesto of sorts of what I want to do with my life 
+ 10 Things to Make Your Life More Wonderful // ' things that I knew had worked or would work to make me more happy and healthy and lovely. Inspired by books I've recently read, a holiday I went on, my beautiful friends and Tumblr.'
+ Let's Talk About Feminism // this was a bit of a blanket intro post into a discussion that is beginning to take place on Sincerely, Isabella about feminism. 
+ This is Not a Post About Feminism // a chat about stigma
+ LGBT Marriage and Boxes // 'People are really bloody complex'
+ HOW TO: Find and Collect Inspiration // 'creativity equals joy and contentment and all kinds of loveliness'
+ Note to Self // a lil' pick me up
+ springtime aesthetic

I'm over 2014, if I'm being real, bring on 2015! 
Bella xx

Friday, 19 December 2014

festivity !!! // an xmas masterpost

Me as a lil' one (feat. carrots for Santa's reindeer)
There was a time, many years ago, when I was the Queen of Festive. Christmas was planned months in advance and just the thought of the festive season gave me goosebumps. I miss that 

Now the whole thing seems to be an end of year blur. I’m too busy being angsty or obsessing over someone and the whole damn thing goes over my head. So in an effort to get both myself and you into the festive spirit and to get some mammoth Christmas vibes going, here is my Christmas mega post. 

Run the bath. Make an exciting, outrageous drink such as this one. Use Lush’s Hot Toddy or cherry bath product of a similar variety. Sip in the bath. Then get out warm and smelling of cinnamon. Get dressed into something comfortable. Load your phone with Buble carols and She and Him’s Christmas album. Go somewhere with pretty Christmas lights. Sigh 

There are only 2 festive films that really get me going: Love Actually and Home Alone 2 in NYC. Classic. 


❅ cinnamon 
❅ making gingerbread 
❅ elaborate coffee drinks from Starbucks (the taste of consumerism!!)
❅ DIYS from A Beautiful Mess 
❅ paper snowflakes 
❅ hot chocolate with friends late at night 
❅ twinkling lights 
❅ making a conscious decision to feel warm inside 
❅ calling your family up 
❅ making cards 
❅ sentimental gifts! My favourite is giving people lists of ‘THINGS WE WILL DO IN 2k15’ because you can make cute plans and warm their lil’ hearts.
❅ confetti 
❅ going for long walks through Christmassy areas with a close friend 
❅ buy or make or get out cute festive pyjamas 
❅ going on from that cute festive outfits are fun too 
❅ help people!! volunteer at a soup kitchen, donate to the 1000000s of charities that genuinely need your help, feel the warmth of your own privilege! 
❅ buy expensive chocolate 
❅ festive makeup? a cherry lip and a winged eyeliner? 
❅ festive manicure? 
❅ take cute festive portraits and photographs. send them to me! 
❅ make something festive inspired! perhaps write a short story, make a collage. 
❅ dance with your friends to Christmas music 
❅ have a party! 
❅ read every festivity article you can find on the internet
❅ smile…it’s Christmas! 

Christmassy lights and festive love, 
Bella xx 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

art collective 01 // mixed bag

People say shit about the internet all the time, grandparents, teachers, godparents. There's a constant flow of the old fashioned, 'what has happened to your generation,' talk of addiction and lack of social skills...and you can almost believe it...until you open your eyes. Because the sheer mass of creative work that's being produced on this little data base is extraordinary. Exposure to online art, predominantly queer and female based art has well and truly reshaped the way I feel...the way I think and it's wonderful. The whole damn thing wouldn't be possible without the internet. 

The Art Collective will be a monthly feature on Sincerely, Isabella and will highlight the creative work of underground and unknown young creators, in particular female ones. Our first instalment (this very posT!) is nice and little with the theme 'Mixed Bag,' and I'm super happy with the submissions. Our next instalment will have the theme 
secrets of the deep so send in your photos & poems & paintings of anything the theme might remind you of, whether that be mermaids or the dark things that sit in your chest...keeping you awake. All submissions for the next installment will be due on the 20th of january! All of the art collective archive can be viewed here.

Rachel is Sydney based writer and blogger, you can find her here

Inés is a writer and photographer based in Spain, you can find her here.

And a lil' poem from yours truly... 

Hope you enjoyed, remember to send in submissions for our next instalment! All submissions are due by the 22nd of January! 

Much love,