Saturday, 22 February 2014

Currently 06 // Polka

Today is Saturday. I feel that lovely feeling where you feel tired in a relaxed, cuddly way as if you're 7 years old and you've just woken up from a nap and sitting there rubbing your eyes and drinking your warm milk and honey. I've been listening to The Shins for the last hour. I was considering going for a run but procrastination got the better of me and I don't feel one bit guilty. I like Saturdays. 

SO, lately I've been...

Making silly little films, flicking through cookbooks, journalling, ice cream dates with my friends after school, socks, night time strolls. 

Girls. I could scream with relief that we finally have a television shows showing women as the complex, wonderful, not always waking up with perfect hair and makeup beings that they are. Not to mention the fact that the scripting and acting and plot is CREME DE LA CREME STUFF. And EZRA KOENIG appeared on the episode I watched last night. Did I freak? 100%. All hail Lena Dunham. 

Dress: Sportsgirl, Socks: Gorman, Shoes: Doc Martins
Listening to 
The Shins, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, PNAU, Lanie Lane, Arctic Monkeys. 

Low cut Docs and thrifted boots. 

I recently read Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and it was fantastic. The Jazz Era is an amazing, wildly fascinating era that I'm intrigued by. And to see the wonderful but so different era play out in the pages of this book, which had a great story to it and gave Zelda the voice which was never heard in her lifetime, made for a hugely enjoyable book. 

Thanks for reading, darlings. 
Bella x


  1. I love your sock - so cute !
    Eb x

  2. omg, omg i love girls! and lena! seriously it is the best programme right now - "we have to show the world via instagram that we can still have fun as a group" - how relatable <3 x

  3. Such a cute blog! I love how you have such a variety of blog posts. Keep it up!

    x Erin

  4. loving polka dots ! you look cute :)

  5. You are adorable. There. I said it...

    p.s. GIRLS is my absolute favourite. Are you loving season 3?

  6. ohmygod I just found your blog and it's perfect! like uh I'm in love ^.^
    I think Girls is such an amazing TV show - it portrays women perfectly - as real humans.
    Your outfit is so pretty, I love this post.

    niamh x

  7. The socks! and the dress! and you're so cute! xo


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