Tuesday, 11 February 2014


It's late and I need to do stuff for tomorrow and I've spent the last two hours pracrastinating. I've been alternating between 'Girls' and 'Parks and Recreation' instead of doing my homework or writing this post and I should probably be getting to bed. BUT it's that time of the month/year/whatever again and we gotta talk about FASSHHHUNNN.

Swooning over those shoes! SOURCE
If we were looking at my daily(ish) Internet rounds, I think we'd start at Tumblr, work our way around Rookie and some favourite blogs, check youtube for any new videos and then head straight over to Style Nanda which has become the only dose of swoon I need. Now the clothes are beautiful, there's no doubt about that. But the thing the makes it extra wonderful is that each item has been shot beautifully in a lovely setting with a lovely model wearing lovely makeup with lovely lighting. The general theme is lovely and you can't help but freak the bloody hell out

Romance is Born is never one to go for minimalist or boring and this is 150% evident in their new collection 'Dream On.' I love this dress with a print by one of my favourite bloggers - Hello Sandwich! I can't handle this degree of kawaii! 

American Apparel's newest model Jackie O'Shaughnessy is age 63 and I think this is wonderful, I mean look at that women - she's gorgeous! And shout out to American Apparel not only for straying from their normal model type but for always being spot on in the fashion game (or should I say FASSUNN game?), they don't bow to trends or to crazy changes. They do what they do and they do it well. 

What are you loving, fashion wise lately? 
Bella xo 


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