Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Let's Talk About: LGBT Rights

                                       It was a Friday, last period, double religion. We were all dreading it. We wanted the week to hurry up and finish. We wanted to get home to our Tumblr and our Gossip Girl. No one was really in the mood for bible analysis. But when the clock ticked over to 3:20 we found that we were a class of tear stained cheeks and fast beating hearts and opened minds. Best lines from the class include: 'this shouldn't be something we need to talk about, it's a matter of equality,' 'this is meant to be a democracy' and 'why does the word gay change people's perception of him?' If you haven't already guessed it was an hour of talking about same sex marriage and the whole class AS WELL AS the relatively conservative religion teacher was unanimous that it was something that needed to be recognised by law. And it is.
Look at that! I've already started to prove my point and I haven't even got to my topic sentence yet. I've never been a big fan of the topic sentence (my favourite text type is word shitstorm) but I feel I should throw one in for good measure. Here it is: LBGT* rights are not up to scratch and that absolutely, 100% needs to change.

We live in a world without firm lines. There is not a firm line between man and woman, there's not one between beautiful and ugly and there's definitely not one that makes a clear distinction about who's allowed to be attracted to who and who's not. People are really bloody complex. You can try and squish them into little boxes that say man and woman in big bold font on the front or you can stick a label over their head but they're not going to stop being them. The most natural and amazing and beautiful thing about our world is complexity. And this is proven over and over again by scientists and by writers and artists and people. So stop saying 'it's not natural.' Stop trying to tell people who they can be and who they can't. The most natural thing about our world is the lack of black and white, we live in a grey area. And you can choose not to accept it, or to keep lecturing people about how what they're are doing is wrong..... but by doing so you're not only oppressing people but you're going against the natural ebb and flow of our world. By creating distinctions in your mind that don't exist, you'll spend your whole life bitter and angry. So accept the complexity, accept the grey area and realise that it is this very characteristic that makes our world so wonderful.

Restricting two people who love each other from doing something that everyone else can do is so many horrible things. It's oppression, it's discrimination, it's unfair, it's shit. Here in Australia gay marriage ain't a thing, a marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman is not validated by the law. And guess what? You can tell me 100 reasons why this is the case and why it's important gay people don't get married but your argument is invalid. Because what it boils down to is the fact that all individuals should be seen as equal in general, and should especially be seen as equal in the eyes of the law. Putting certain people at a disadvantage is wrong, it's cruel, it's bad, it's mean and we 100% cannot stand for it.

It starts at the very top, it starts with Tony Abbott (the prime minister of Australia) sitting in a big room with fake lilies on the desk and a blonde assistant constantly filling up his water glass, telling his offsiders and himself that marriage is a partnership between a man and a woman and that gay marriage doesn't fit into the tiny little box he think marriage should fit into. And it trickles down to normal people, that decide that Abbott must be right. And it trickles down to schoolgirls in high pony tails who still use gay as a derogatory word but tell themselves they're wonderful people and join the social justice group for brownie points. And it trickles down to mean kids who decide that it's a great idea to bully the girl who identifies as a boy or the boy who'd decided he's not into girls. And it keeps trickling down until it reaches the wonderful talented girl who's in grade 8 piano and the top in her grade for Science but is convinced she doesn't matter because she likes girls. It's a vicious cycle and the first step for it to stop is for the government to step up in the name of equality. 

Every deserves to be loved, wholly and unconditionally. And everyone deserves for that to be recognised. 
Bella x 

* LGBT - lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual


  1. too-fucking-true! i agree whole-heartedly with you on this (as do my family and friends so ~~hollllllaaa~ i'm just happy i finally got my dad onboard, he's v conservative~) but yes, it is most definitely time x

  2. FUCKING. AGREED. (pardon my words)
    well written! I'm glad my country at least allows gay marriages but EVEN then there's so much more progress that needs to be undergone!


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