Sunday, 16 February 2014

Let's Talk About...Film // 02

Yes, I've talked about film on this blog before and since then not much has changed. I still love film. I still want to dive into that world. I still can sit in my pyjamas watching Sofia Coppola flicks all day long. But since then I've seen more films, watched more tv, thought more deeply about film and so I have a lot to say and to share. And logic is overrated so I'm just going to word vomit about a whole bunch of film related shizz.

There was this one day during the holidays. A day that was too hot for anything except air con and film marathons. The kind of day when the thinnest of clothes feel like too much and your hair becomes the worst thing ever and cutting it all off suddenly feels like a good idea. If there was anything, anything at all, that made the day more bearable it was Empire Records. That film is top notch. I mean look at Liv Tyler's outfit, it is killer. I give this film lots of gold stars, lots and lots and lots. I mean was there much plot? Well, no. But, it was an incredibly enjoyable film to watch. And I think enjoyment multiplied by super duper overrides lack of plot.
On the same day, I watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape, which was a beautiful but I would place it in the 'relatively depressing movie' category, the kind that leaves you feeling numb and a little hazed. The acting was Oscar worthy, and saying no to a young Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio can be difficult but this movie definitely wins the prize for being the beautiful melancholy tear-jerker. 

Amelie (picture below) and Like Crazy (picture above) are some old favourites I've rewatched and rewatched over and over again. Without sounding like a tosser, I genuinely think Like Crazy is a fantastic take on modern romance not to mention a beautifully shot film. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE SOUNDTRACK? The music for this film is mostly just genius piano music which I place in the 'so perfect you want to cry' category (this category also includes The Great Gatsby and Midnight in Paris). Amelie makes you fall in love with Paris and cute haircuts and mischef. 

The number one film on my 'films to see' list is Her. Directed by the utterly great, Spike Jonze, it's the story of a guy who falls in love with an operating system not unlike Siri. I am dying to see it. 

Any film recommendations? 
Kisses and hugs, 
Bella x 


  1. 'Her' is probably my favourite movie of 2013. Please go see it soon. It's beautiful and wonderfully directed. It's raw and just takes you to a world that doesn't seem too far away from where we are now. I would love to hear your review on it.

    p.s. the other movies you spoke of are wonderful too! I think we have the same love and appreciation for films *hi-5!*

  2. Ooh, "Her" does sound interesting! And I've been planning to watch "Amelie" for the past two years! It's high time I did it, I suppose! Maybe you'd be interested in watching another Audrey Tautou film (if you haven't already seen it!)—"Coco" :)

  3. "Her" is absolutely wonderful! I think you'll enjoy it! "Like Crazy" was way underrated in my book - that film was great! Such a great take on the modern love story! "Empire Records" is such a classic for me and definitely in my top 10 most favorite movies ever! All the movies you picked were great!
    And I've noticed that if you watch *mostly* anything with Ewan McGregor (Perfect Sense, Velvet Goldmine, Moulin Rouge!, Big Fish, Stay etc...) it's pretty much guaranteed to be good (most of the time, not always) He's so fun to watch because he takes on so many different characters and he plays them all so well!

  4. so many films so little time! but thanks for reminding me that both Empire Records and Amelie should go on my list!


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