Tuesday, 4 March 2014

HOW TO: Journal Your Life Away

So my generation has this bizarre obsession with self documentation. The world needs to know what we're eating, who were seeing and exactly what indie magazine we're reading. And yeah, I know when you've seen your fifth photo of a green juice on Instagram, sometimes you can't help but roll your eyes (not that I can talk). But I happen to think documentation is good. No, that's not strong enough an adjective, I think it's fab. So if there's something I preach, it's the benefits of having a journal. So start one. Go buy a crappy exercise book for a $1.50. Open it up. Get a big black pen. This is the kinda stuff that can make the difference between monotony and wonder. 

Why should ya do it?
So I'm going to be logical, which is oddly out of character and divide the benefits into 4 (yes, four!) categories. First on the list, creativity. Get those creative juices flowin'. Get those little hearts pumping. Who needs exercise when you can excite yourself with pen and paper? Then we've got organisation. I happen to really love the feeling of actually having my life together. And as much as Google Calender often seems like a beautiful angel sent from the sky, physical organisation always wins. Not to forget documentation, the thought of 30 year old Isabella cringing at the dodgy poetry of teenage Isabella is one that brings me great joy. And then we've got the opportunity to vent, to let it out. To pour whatever crap is eating your brain up onto the blank pages of a book that won't judge you. Have I convinced you yet?

How should ya do it?
Well, firstly you don't really need to listen to me. It's your journal, you can do whatever you want with it. But I'll throw in what I do in my journals...just for good measure. When I first started, I would do the classic 'I'm going to write pages and pages in my diary everynight' thing. But more than anything I just found this incredibly boring. So I decided a more visual diary would be more my speed. It's lovely to have a place where I can both collect inspiration and create new inspiration

Cutting up magazines and sticking them down in odd patterns is a rather ridiculous idea when you think about it. But it's just so fun! I often stick things in my book and then write quotes or little things over them.

Poems, short stories, weird analogies...they all feel at home in my diary.

Long lists of goals, anyone?

Other stuff
+ overheard conversations
+ found things (for me, these found things are french words)
+ comics
+ sketches
+ lists

This is where your journal opens.
Bella xx


  1. i love the idea of journalling, except i never seem to get around to it. i keep a notebook full of quotes though. i like that x

  2. I used to keep a diary but that became so monotone. I've been wanting to keep a journal, these are some good starting points - thank you!

  3. I love, love documentation! I've been obsessed with it all my life actually. And over the years, I've explored many different methods of recording my life and ideas: the written journal, a computer diary, a sketchbook, random sealed letters, calendars and agendas, a blog, voice recording, video recording…you name it, I've tried it! :)

  4. I love this idea however I never have the resources - no images or magazines ! So I draw instead !
    Eb x

  5. you have inspired me to start journaling, I just got home from the craft store!

  6. you've motivated me to find my journal and write in it, since it's been left alone for longer than I care to admit :p



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