Saturday, 1 March 2014

Vegan Week: A Reflection

When you're surrounded by green juice sipping, Birkenstock wearing hipsters all praising veganism like it's some kind of religion, you start to wonder if something's up. Does veganism make you part of some special club? Will I become that girl who has it all together if I decide animal products are a no no? I decided there was only one way to find out. So this week I waved goodbye to meat and dairy and I have some observations. 

It was hard. Ginger snaps, milky bars, tarts, pad thai - it was all offered to me. And I just (semi) arrogantly sipped my green juice until the offers and cries of 'but it's really yummy' fizzled. And everytime I saw someone, they would ask 'how's veganism going?' their eyes widening as they waited for me to say I've cracked. But no! I saw it through, and this morning I celebrated with a mountain of scrambled eggs.

But there were positives, the main one being I felt lighter. Not so much in the losing weight sense, more in the 'when did I become a cloud?' sense. I didn't feel weighed down by heavy foods. I felt like a wispy, ethereal goddess. And that's the main goal, isn't it?  To feel like a fucking goddess. 

I also felt like I was looking after my body. Fancy that? I felt...nourished. God, it was weird. But nice, really really nice. I found new meatless recipes. All round I'd say it was most definitely a success. 

So, petals, being a vegan ain't quite religion worthy. And no I'm not part of a special club...yet. And no I'm not going to become a vegan full time...I love cake too much for that. But even though my room is a mess and I have an ever growing stack of homework, I do feel like I have my life together just a little more....and I am going to reduce my animal product intake. I can practically feel the goddessness creeping up on me. 

Much love, 
Bella xo


  1. Ok, first, really well written post! Second, yay!! I'm glad you liked your vegan week; I'm already a vegetarian but I hope to move towards veganism eventually. But…chocolate, ice cream and cheese. So, that's why I figured I'd be a "loose vegan"—vegan as often as I can but break into the ice cream when I feel like it :)

  2. Hmmm... That is quite a good idea. Like every once in a while you could have a week of vegan. That would be good. I don't know what I would really eat though ?! Maybe you could post some of the things you had !?
    Eb x

  3. wow. I'm leaning towards it more and more but I love meat so much I don't think I could do it. but maybe just lowering my intake could be good. (I say this having like 3 steaks in the freezer so uhm haha)

  4. I think you may have just convinced me to cut down on animal products. Yes, yes I think you have.

    Perfectly written post by the way x


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