Tuesday, 29 July 2014

HOW TO Be A Hippie

(me + sydney harbour)

I am en route to Hippieland, I can feel it. My almond milk consumption is on the rise, same goes for kale and quinoa, I've been meditating more, I've even done a wee bit of yoga. And here's the weird thing - I feel really damn good about it. So in a kinda-sequel to last week's 'How To Be A Nanna,' I thought I'd throw together all the best things I'm aware of that can classify you as a hippie. 

· Realise the love for nature you didn't know you had. Get out into the soil, go to the beach, run in the park, sit in a field with a book and an iPod. 

· Wake up and stretch yo body. It feels good, muscles do get pretty damn tight. 

· Wake up before the rest of the world does. 

· Make a scrub of brown sugar and olive oil. Scrub yourself from head to toe. Is your body softer than it has ever been? You're very welcome. 

· Buy pants that fit into the category of 'they look like pyjama pants but it is still socially acceptable to wear them outside.' 

· Spend a week without something you usually have in your diet. Maybe sugar, maybe diary, maybe meat. Take notice of what changes you see in your body, how you feel, what different foods serve as an alternative to the stuff of the shittier side of things. 

· Remove toxic stuff. Toxic people, toxic things, toxic situations. Life is too damn short. 

· Keep a journal

· Essential oils are the bomb. 

· Baths. 

· Invest in creating atmospheres. Burn candles, oil, play mellow music. 

· Create rituals. 

There you have it, loves - what I consider to be the creme de la creme of Hippieland, at the other end of the spectrum, you'll find pure bullshit. We don't need to talk about that. 

How's your day been, I'm really interested. 
Bella xx


  1. Aw, I love this post. Your photograph is really cool as well.

    I'm on the hippy road myself but I still need to buy those appropriate PJ pants. ;)

    - Christina www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  2. ha, i'm currently doing most of these! i like living in hippieland ^^

  3. I don't necessarily want to be a hippie but there are certain ideals from your list what I quite like. Finding a love of nature, for example, is something I think that everyone should do. I've been doing my part in that respect by going on hikes preparing for a big trip I'm taking with my girlfriend. I don't yet light candles or play mellow music though.

  4. Your how-to guides are the bomb! x

  5. I love the Hippieland road!
    That olive oil-brown sugar thing is tops btw, thanks!



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