Saturday, 26 July 2014

HOW TO Be A Nanna

It is becoming ever more clear to me that the elderly are doing it right. Stale biscuits, floral print, post-world war optimism - I'm all for em'. In spite of the often conservative views and the slightly off putting mothball scent, I'm convinced we can learn a lot from the grey-haired folk among us. 

· Stock up on tea. Life can be confusing and shit, but somehow this mysterious infused liquid makes it considerably better.

·  Ditch your night out for a night IN, the sheer magnitude of nanna activities you can engage in is too vast for you to leave your apartment 

· Investigate jazz music, not only will this score you mega nanna points, it will also fill the room with mellow vibes 

· Start embroidering your clothes with cool words. I personally love 'down with the patriachy' and 'the whole system is wrong' but if your feeling like keeping the sweet music of a nanna lifestyle going you could go for something else fun like 'bake not hate.'  

· Stop being so idle.  Be more structured in the way you live your life. There is an extra degree of effort you can put into the way you do things. Nannas have it down pat. Taking time to make a cup of tea when you read. To write a list in the morning. To organise that brunch with your friends. 

· Read more. 

· Go to a classical music concert. Saying this is totally killing whatever punk rock vibes I ever had going for me. In fact this entire post has totally ruled me out from becoming the hard rock, leather jack wearing, black haired, piercings chick I secretly want to be. My life is a paradox between wanting to wear florals and write poems and wanting to wear only black and leather and be a heartbreaker. It's a real struggle, truly. Oh, ok back to classical music - we live in a world that doesn't slow down for anybody. Classical music, however slows everything down and suddenly you have time to reflect and you are stuck with your own thoughts and it's a little scary but a lot inspiring and surreal 

· Start being more polite and more caring and asking people how they're day is and buying the homeless man a coffee. Empathy is the best weapon against world shittiness, and again MEGA NANNA POINTS 

· Bake. Bake scones and then eat jam and cream with those scones and rejoice because YES, you have done it, you have found heaven on earth. Congrats 

· Invest in floral printed goods, china and teawear and nice perfume and lotion. 

· Stock up on chocolate dipped digestive biscuits. Apocalypse could strike any day now.

· Clean up. 7 days of take-out cartons ain't doing a thing for your home's aesthetics or your mental health. 

·  Dress up on a Monday night and go see a play. You can sleep in tomorrow. You're retired, right?

Go get your tea cosy on, my dear. 
Bella xx

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  1. I don't think you actually understand the magnitude of your own genius and starry-eyed flare! I, too, feel accustomed to follow the nature of the elderly - especially when it's winter. I may have viciously fistpumped (or respectively nodded) to all of these. Tea, books, baked goods, plays and all things homely aromatic; I'm looking in your direction. Rad post overall, Isabella. x
    *I don't have Tumblr so do excuse me while I run outside and scream it to the hills*

  2. This is such a great post... My gosh I actually do a lot of stocking chocolate digestives and tea and florals...and ugh I always secretly do look up to those really cool studded jacket punk rock girls but I am just so not punk-rocker-y...maybe a nice balance would be some on like Marina and the Diamonds...cute and pink yet a cool "heartbreaker" type at the same time, haha!

  3. Hahaha I love this list. And I think you can be grandma chic and punk rock at the same time for sure.


  4. I would pretty much prefer a night in to a night out ANY DAY. This is great; thanks for sharing!

  5. I was always told by school friends I was like an old woman trapped in a teens body, and once was shouted at in the street by a tiny child who suggested I walked like an old woman. Both were peculiar incidents to me, but reading you nana list I am made more aware of my nana-ish ways. Nicely written btw :)


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