Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Today I do not have many words. I bought a fur coat, all part of my scheme to become Margot Tenembaum. My life at this very moment seems to be entirely a contradiction, all contrast and nothin' else. I seem to be on both sides or somewhere in the middle. The entirely positive bubble of tumblr positivity in contrast with the negative vibes of the outside world. Wanting to rid myself of materialism entirely but still finding comfort in superficial things. Wanting to do everything and anything but feeling flat and unmotivated. Contradicting myself as I develop, am exposed to new things, change. The Internet seems to be getting oddly more personal for me, it's strange the way I can open myself up to this incredibly public world. 

Bella x


  1. "Wanting to rid myself of materialism entirely but still finding comfort in superficial things." Amen.
    This whole post really spoke to me.

  2. Oh, you're not the only one! I feel like a walking contradiction myself. Particularly with materialism, in fact it's been weighing on my mind a lot. Things really are a lot more complex than they should be, a fact I will never find reasoning for. We'll figure it out somehow. x

  3. And weirdly enough, I totally get what you're trying to say. There is something so comforting about speaking to a faceless audience that is the Internet. You're not obligated to ever speak or see anyone you vaguely confided in ever again. It's kinda lovely. :)

  4. Amen. It's tough in this boat. You've got to have a balance between the materialistic, technology, and just down time and productivity. There's so much to do that it's hard to do anything at all.


    ps, lovely coat

  5. I really think growing up is a series of contradictions. It's crazy and confusing but in hindsight, really fun!

  6. This is such a cool post. You're a really good writer!

  7. Fur. What better a title could you ask for :) I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award, check out the post here! xx

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  8. What you write here is so true, especially when saying that
    you want to do everything but feel "flat and unmotivated".
    Your blog is amazing and I really like that Margot Tenenbaum coat, perfect. :)


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