Friday, 1 August 2014

HOW TO Be An Explorer

(sincerely, isabella x moonrise kingdom)
Suzie Bishop is an icon. Wanderlust eats us all up. The world is big and wonderful and you, yes you, are not seeing enough of it. Neither am I. In the final segment of this lil 'how to' series that has been dropping into the walls of Sincerely Isabella, I really wanted to write about the way I want to live...on a grander scale than drink more green tea or bake more often. I'm taking about the kind of lifestyle that has been adapted by Suzie Bishop and Patti Smith. I think you could call it an 'explorer' attitude to living.

·   Realise how much content we are surronded by. How much art, how much music, literature. It's crazy. I have slowly felt myself coming to this realisation over the last few weeks and thinking about it always seems to leave me daunted but incredibly inspired. There is so much to explore, to investigate. Cover your walls in 19th century painting of flowers and Beat Generation poems. Listen to underground punk tunes from the 70's. Eat the food they ate at the turn of the century. This life thing we're doing has been done by a fair few people before us, it's comforting to know that we can turn to the ways they sifted through it. History is your friend!

· Read more. The Internet is my favourite thing under the sun but the erratic nature of it crawls under my skin. I feel like being entirely immersed in one thing is something we're forgetting how to do. That's damn scary!

· Document all. Bring a pen with you everywhere, take a photo. Fill a notebook with conversations and thoughts. One minute your sitting alone in a cafe and the next minute you have just written the best short story of your life. DOCUMENTATION, FOLKS!

· Leave the house, catch the train to a station you've never visited, drive to a new place. The world is your oyster. 

· Wake up. Observe. 

· Embrace your insignificance. 

·Spend more time alone. Get used to yourself.

Bella xx


  1. Bonus points for looking like a grown-up Suzie Bishop a bit.
    This is such an important post. ♥

  2. this is such a great post- especially the bit about "embracing your insignificance" because i think people are generally afraid to do that since its weird to imagine that you're kind of just a speck of dust but it's so nice because any little mistake you make that seems like the end of the world really isn't since there's so much outside of YOU; also you can take the time to enjoy the vast beauty of the world.


  3. Well, this is a relevant post. I sense a beat generation vibe all over it! Suzie Bishop is indeed an icon, not to mention her sense of style too. I can't embrace wanderlust at its fullest since I have to work until October to save enough money to travel... Oh well, we'll see how it goes. xx

  4. This is the most lovely post. Also, we share the same name! I love your blog.

  5. I love this post! I've been trying to remember to live my life more like this and yet I find myself slipping in being more aware. Thank-you for this vital reminder!

  6. Such an amazing post and great reminder!


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