Monday, 18 August 2014

HOW TO: Television

I don't know if it's official or psychological or just plain incorrect but I am of the opinion we are in a golden age of television. I don't know this is probably something I made up. But what I do know is that I love TV. I love how it allows you to get invested in a set of characters for an extended period of time. I love the drama of it all. I love the culture that surrounds it, the OITNB tumblr hashtag is quite possibly the best place under the Sun.

How ya do it?
As with many things, my approach to TV is divided into two categories, both are equally fun. You be civilised about it, you can pull out the popcorn, sit on the couch with blankets and drink tea and go to bed at a ripe old time before 12. Or you can binge. You can pull an all nighter and drink coffee and struggle through the next day as you find yourself emotionally invested in an alternate reality.

Where do ya get the goods?
Piracy ain't fun. I'm not a fan. I know, I know. It's free, it's easy to access etc. etc. But it breaks my heart to think of people across the globe creating material, writing scripts, learning lines, gathering costumes who are having there work taken from them. Saying this probably makes me super lame, empathy must be for losers.
Netflix is a great pal in these trying times, as is iTunes. If you wanna hold on to you well-earned dollars, as I do, the library is a golden pot for DVD's of all kinds, in particular the best kind of crappy 80's sitcoms.

But Isabella, what on EARTH should I watch?
My current favourites are...
· Orange is The New Black 
· Scandal 
· Parks and Recreation 
· Girls 
· 21 Jump Street (the old Johnny Deep one)
· Sherlock 
· Bob's Burgers
· New Girl 
· Skins (UK) 
BONUS ONES (these are smaller UK miniseries) - The Runaway, The Hour & Burton and Taylor. 

Let me know what you're watching,
Bella xx 


  1. I like to think I binge healthily, because I try to watch a couple episodes of whatever show it is only right before bed, but then I regret it when I have nothing left and I realize I could have made the marathon last double the amount of time if I watched one episode a night! Love the shows you listed, though. I miss my Netflix! ♥

  2. Awesome list, I love oitnb and new girl. Right now (cause netflix rocks) I'm in the middle of finishing twin peaks and working on cosmos with neil degrasse tyson and LEEEEAAARNING. It's awesome. TV rules.

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  4. We watch a lot of the same shows! I really love Bob's Burger right now. OITNB, Girls, Parks and Rec and New Girl are my other faves too!

    - Christina

  5. I have always loved Skins and Sherlock. I was so excited about Orange is the New Black, I was a bit late to watch it compared to everyone else I guess but better to jump on the bandwagon late than never. I watched both seasons in about a week and I'm obsessed!

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  7. I've gotta admit, I'm definitely a binger when it comes to TV shows. I'm living abroad in Indonesia at the moment without access to TV so am having to rely on the DVD stores which sell countless bootleg versions of series and movies. Piracy isn't cool, but it's that or nothing and I've been here a year! Definitely have to check out those UK miniseries you mentioned. I feel so behind!

    Love your blog - I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out the details on my blog here:

  8. Hi Isabella! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check it out here: :)

  9. Found your blog through city loveee and love your pictures! & I am so bad at watching tv!

  10. Unfortunately I've been watching everything on ABC kids, so all shows for pre-schoolers. Not fun. Then when my husband gets home he takes over the remote! I do, however, like Top Gear.

  11. Absolutely agree with Sherlock! Nothing like a little bit of Holmes and Watson :) Nice post!


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