Tuesday, 2 September 2014

This Is Not A Post About Feminism

I do this thing, ok? I do it because I want to embrace every aspect of myself without oppression of any sort, and I want the roughly half the population that's in the same boat to do the same. I do it because I don't remember signing up for being second rate when I emerged from the womb. I do it because this idea woven into almost every business, every culture, every country, every subgroup on Earth has caused so much pain that how could I not want to dig it out and throw it far, far away. 
This thing I do is called being a feminist and I promise you it's not it's not scary or arrogant or fuelled by male hatred. Feminism is about equality. That's the phrase you take away from this post, the one you etch into your skull, the one you graffiti all  over town. Feminism is about equality. 

For me, the effort to eradicate an unjust idea that's a source of oppression and suffering worldwide and has been for hundreds of years, is not only a super rad important thing to do, it's also just common sense. So if you're scared of the heavily stigmatised label, I guess you could say this is a post about equality, a post about common sense. 

+  Women make up two thirds of the world's illiterate population. 
+  Compromise two thirds of the exploited informal work force
+   One third of the world’s girls are married before the age of 18 and 1 in 9 are married before the age of 15.
+  In AustraliaOn average, annualised full-time earnings for women are 18.2% less than for men. 
+   In Australia, Women represent 3.5% of CEOs in the ASX 200, and 2.4% in the ASX 500

This is clearly bullshit but don't you dare complain about it because god forbid you might be one of those crazy-ass feminist types. A common attitude seems to be, '18.2% less? Oh stop complaining, you'll be fine.' But I don't want to settle for getting there. I don't want to settle for 18.2% less money, or a lower chance at a CEO position based on a lucky draw of genetic makeup. 

Because besides the fact it's just really damn unfair, it's the key idea behind this unfairness that really gets me. Whether it was 40% or 50% or even 90% less, the key idea is be the same. The idea that a women is not of the same value as a man.  
All these individual examples come back to that idea, no matter the degree of oppression or the context. Each specific example of oppression is this idea of inequality personified, no matter the situation. In order to shift the attitudes and behaviours towards women, I think we need to shift the ideals surrounding men and women. Once the attitudes towards women change...so will the behaviours. 

+ Blurred Lines - feminst parody
+  Laci Green's video
+  this wonderful, incredible on point video 

Stay cool, loves. 
Bella xx


  1. This was a really cool post & I completely agree with your views! :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Exactly!!! It is BEYOND moronic when people look at me funny because I blurt out that I am a feminist. We should all be "feminists" because it just means we're "humanists". Women's rights are not about undermining men's rights.

    Women's rights ARE men's rights. Period.

  3. I proudly state that I am a feminist, and no I'm not a man hater. Men are hella rad, and you know what else is hella rad? Equality. It sucks that as feminists we first have to get rid of the stigma attached to the title and THEN work on making life fairer for everyone, instead of spending all our time simply doing the latter.

  4. Totally agree! Love that you are speaking up about this. A lot celebrities like Taylor Swift and Beyonce are also doing the same.Glad its getting the recognition it needs lately. <3

    Cathy | HELLO, CATHY

  5. This is an awesome post. Love it! Also, I followed you on GFC and would so love if you would follow me back! After you follow me back I will also follow you on Bloglovin!

  6. I completely agree with you! This post is awesome x


  7. Fuck yes!! <3 There's so much of a stigma around feminism when really it does just seem like common sense to me. xo


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